Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughts On: Coconut Water

When I first tried coconut water, I definitely didn't think, "mmm." My thoughts were more along the lines of, "this tastes kind of weird." I've had coconut milk straight out of a coconut and did not like it, and this brought me back to similar flavors (except coconut water is much sweeter). I love coconut flavored things, and I was determined to find the good in coconut water, as I'd heard/read numerous things how good it is for you. Words like super-hydrating, packed with electrolytes, low in calories, and full of potassium were rattling around in my brain as I gave it another try. What also got me to take a second sip was the feeling the coconut water had left me with after I had swallowed my first sip. I had instantly started feeling super refreshed in a way that regular water did not make me feel. Once I trained my tastebuds and got used to coconut water, I now thoroughly enjoy it. My favorite is the "Live Better 100% Pure Coconut Water," which I purchased at Waldbaums. While coconut water can usually be pretty expensive, these ones are only $0.99 a can! It tastes sweeter than the other two in the photographs, BUT it has the least amount of complaints here. My second favorite is Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, and rounding it up is O.N.E. Coconut Water, which is the least sweet of the three (I have a sweet tooth if you couldn't tell).

I don't replace regular water with coconut water, but I do drink it after going on a run or if I'm feeling really thirsty and want instant relief. If you haven't gone "coco for cocopuffs coconuts" yet, I definitely suggest trying it out. The first sip might make you shudder, but try to get to the bottom of the pouch/can and see if it grows on you--it did for me! 

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water
Purchased at: Whole foods
Serving size: 11.2 Fl. Oz. (1 pouch)
Calories: 60
Sugar: 14g.
*In the photograph I'm holding the 1L carton which is why it looks so big

Live Better 100% Pure Coconut Water
Purchased at: Waldbaums
Serving size: 8 Fl. Oz. (1 can)
Calories: 30
Sugar: 3g

O.N.E. Coconut Water
Purchased at: Whole foods
Serving size: 11.2 Fl. Oz. (1 pouch)
Calories: 60
Sugar: 11g

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