Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Day in NYC

Close-up of my shirt

After post-poning a "city day" for weeks and weeks, my sister, two friends and I finally went yesterday (on a mission mostly to eat cupcakes, I admit). I know these aren't the typical Times Square-Empire State Building-city-pictures, but because I live in New York my friends and I have gone to these places multiple times before, so today was more about enjoying Central Park and a yummy lunch. After stepping off the train, we walked for about 45 minutes to Central Park and got lost wandered around for a little while. Our feet were tired from our walk, so we all sat on a bench in a really lovely area of the park and watched for about 10 minutes as a man made gigantic bubbles that a bunch of little kids were were running up to. So cute.

Our next stop was lunch. Although we originally intended to go to this fancy-shmancy grilled cheese place, we were told they only took credit cards (seriously?!), so we ended up at trusty Au Bon Pain where I practically inhaled my Cobb salad. After that we walked over to Sprinkles cupcakes (which I was a little too excited to try) and I got a carrot cake cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting...mmm do I love cream cheese frosting. After this, we all exchanged looks because we had been eying the same cupcake: the S'mores flavor which had a graham cracker bottom, chocolate middle, and toasted marshmallow on top. So, being the cupcake-lovers we are, we decided to split it in fourths and it was indeed very tasty.

After this, we browsed around Zara (aka cried about all the beautiful clothing we couldn't afford), and then headed back to Central Park once more, where we eventually left to head back to Penn Station. It was a nice relaxing day, with the exception of the 4 hours of walking we did, but hey at least I burned off the cupcake right? 

Two things you will have to excuse:
1. The weather was very hot so sorry I look like a sweaty mess. :) 
2. My sister and I had a mis-communication and forgot our camera at home, so all these photos were taken with my iPhone which is why the quality is eh. (I tried to edit them as best as I could)

Top: American Eagle (similar herehere, & here)
Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger (here)
Shorts: Holister (similar here & here)
Crossbody: Banana Republic (similar herehere & here)

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