Friday, August 9, 2013

How To Wear the Punk Trend (Without Looking Scary)

I'm sure "punk" is probably the last adjective people would use to describe my style. But I thought...why not explore outside of my comfort zone.

One trend that was huge on the Fall 2013 runways was punk. I know that there is a fine line between adding edge to a look vs. creating an outfit that will make everyone around you run for their lives. So, I've come up with one basic rule to help you avoid the cops from chasing after you: if you stand in front of your mirror and realize that you look like Taylor Momsen, you've probably done something wrong. I acknowledge that Taylor does rarely achieve the perfect amount of punk, so to avoid any confusion, I think we can all agree that we don't want to look like this:

Not that I'm any expert in the realm of punk, but I think the key to embodying the edgystylishfab version that we know it can be is to add one punky element to spice up an outfit. No, I'm not talking about applying eyeliner with a black magic marker. And I'm definitely not suggesting to buy a whole new fall wardrobe. What I would do is add one piece to go with any fall outfit of my choosing. Updating the classic, black bootie is a way that I can stay true to my style while also embracing my edgier side.

The trend: Cut-Out Booties
Add interest to an outfit with unexpected cutouts

Best paired with: Black skinny jeans, skater skirts, shorts

Piece to lust over: 

Balenciaga $1,275

Pieces that won't brake the bank:

Call It Spring $55
Ecote Gordon $69

The best part? By clicking on the caption of the above pictures, you can scoop these up yourself! Will you be embracing your inner punk this fall?


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