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Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

I know, I know, it's still August--which means it is technically still summer, and it will be for another month. While every other time of the year I want it to be summer (especially because I hate the winter), mid-way through the summer, my "fall cravings" start setting in. I find myself dreaming about cool temperatures, apple bake/apple crisp, fall festivals, pumpkin spice lattes, and most importantly, fall fashion. It's also around this time of year that stores start to get new shipments of clothing in for the chillier weather, which means I'm ready to put away my crop tops and bring my sweaters to the front of my closet. 

Because of this mood I'm in, I decided to create a "Fall Essentials" collage to share with you all what I think are key pieces for every autumn wardrobe.

OuterwearCargo/Anorak Jacket
For the fall, a Cargo Jacket or Anorak Jacket is definitely at the top of my Essentials list. When the temperatures are in the 60s, it's chilly enough that I want to wear a jacket, but not cold enough that I want to break out the puffy North Face coat. The perfect solution is a cargo/utility/anorak (all similar) jacket, a) because they keep you warm but not so much that you are sweating, and b) because the army green color goes with everything.
Shorts: High-waisted Denim 
There are always those fall days where you think, "did we just backtrack into summer?!" For the hotter fall days, especially those in the beginning of the season, longer pants might make you melt. A pair of high-waisted shorts looks super cute with booties, a tank with a loose-knit cardigan, etc. In the fall I like high-waisted shorts more than "normal" shorts because to me they look a lot more fall-ish. Why you ask...I don't really know.
Pants: Faux Leather Leggins/Jeggings
Opposite the above scenario, there are those days in fall (especially near the end) where you are freezing your butt off. I take these occasions as an opportunity to break out the (faux) leather! I bought a pair of leather "jeggings" from H&M last year and absolutely love them, because they go with everything and make more of a statement than plain black leggings or black jeans would. 
Shirt: Simple Graphic
In the fall, nothing looks more effortless (in a good way!) than a simple graphic t-shirt. Depending on the weather, a t-shirt can be paired with anything: shorts, a sweater, jeans, etc. I love when graphic t-shirts have cute phrases or inspirational quotes on them.
Buy here, (click left arrow for white version) here, here, or here
Sweater: Light Knit
While the winter is a time for cable-knits, the fall is a time for lighter knits. Besides the fact that a sweater like this is super comfy, it will go everything and keep you warm on those crisp fall afternoons. A sweater like the one pictured above is unique because of the shoulder detail--try and find some unique ones so you stand out in a sea full of sweaters!
Jewelry: Dainty
I love the contrast of dainty jewelry with chunkier boots or an army jacket. Pearl earrings and thin gold rings add just the right amount of girlie-ness to an otherwise tougher fall look. 
Rings: Buy here (all the dainty rings you will ever need) Earrings: Buy here or here
Accessories: Oxblood Bag/Oatmeal-Colored Scarf
My favorite color for fall is oxblood! A bag or satchel in an oxblood color is the perfect way to add a touch of autumn to any outfit. Additionally, I gravitate towards oatmeal-colored items because I feel like they scream, "I'm warm and cozy!!!"
Bag: Buy hereherehere or here Scarf: herehere, or here (click "sand" color)
Shoes: Cut-out Ankle Booties 
Read my How To Wear the Punk Trend (Without Looking Scary) article for cutout booties to buy/why I love them!
Makeup: Maroon/Oxblood Colored Lipstick
In the summer, I tend to keep my lips bare or coral-colored. Once fall starts approaching, I'm ready to take out a darker shade for my lips. Not too dark (we haven't hit winter just yet!), but this color seems to be perfect for a night out to dinner in October.
Buy here - search "Diva" or "Desire" (both perfect for fall)

What are your fall essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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