Monday, August 26, 2013

The Top 5 Best & Worst Looks of the 2013 VMAs


I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress on Naya. The cutouts on the side give this dress just the right amount of edge, and I love how she wore her hair down-- I think if it was up it would have looked too polished and harsh. Side-note: major body envy going on right now.
THIS, Miley Cyrus, is how you make a crop top classy! A crop top looks much more chic when your belly button is covered, and it's definitely more flattering! I also love the color and pattern of the skirt: it's fun and interesting. As a presenter, this is definitely the right outfit choice: She didn't overdress and compete with the musicians, yet she still looks fashion-forward. 
When I saw Selena step out in this Versace dress, my jaw dropped. Selena is the type of person who would have looked gorgeous if she had shown up in a garbage bag, but boy am I glad she didn't. The piece underneath, the cool shoes, the unexpected emerald green earrings, all tie together to make this probably my favorite look of the night.
Ariana is known for wearing sweet, girly, dresses, and at this year's VMA's, she did just that.This Kenley Collins dress looks adorable on her, and I love how the white shoes keep it fresh. 
Similar to her bestie Selena, Taylor Swift arrived to the red carpet in a midnight blue dress also! While I won't get into her antics last night (all I have to say is, really Taylor?), this Herve Leger dress looked gorgeous on her, hugging all the right places and elongating her already incredibly lean and tall frame. I love the slight plunge-it adds the perfect amount of interest to this look- without it, the dress could have been boring.


Miley, you may want to consider asking Shailene Woodley for crop top advice. There are a few things that I don't like about her Dulce and Gabbana ensemble: Firstly, I feel like all I ever see Miley in these days is crop tops! Yes, we know you have rock hard abs and you should be proud of them, but sometimes it's okay to wear something that covers up your tummy. Secondly, I am not a fan of the hair. To me they look like two little horns and are definitely not flattering. To get back to the outfit, I also don't like that one strip of colored balls/beads/sequins/whatever-they-are on her leg; too me it looks cheap and like it was glued on at the last minute. And I won't even discuss her performance (let's just say some things cannot be unseen)... 
Sarah Hyland, I love you in Modern Family, so I'm sorry to have to say this, but what were you thinking?? Sarah's Marchesa dress just confuses me. I don't get the Wonder Woman vibe...this isn't a Superhero movie premiere, it's the VMAs! The dress is definitely not figure flattering, and I hate hate hate the shoes and the matching gold bag. To top it off, I'm not a fan of the light hair + faux bob look she has going on. 
While I salute Gaga for toning it down a little  (before, that is, she stepped out in her thong ensemble), I don't like this Prabal Gurung dress one bit. Again, I feel bad for saying so, especially after her kind words for 1D yesterday, but this is strictly about fashion. The black glasses, for lack of a better word, look stupid, and the dress looks heavy and uncomfortable. Against her pale skin, I'm really not liking all the black either (including her hair).
Erin Wasson's Alexander Vauthier dress--can I even call it a dress?--definitely doesn't abide by the "leave some to the imagination" saying. Yes, her body is amazing so I understand why she would want to show it off, but this to me just reads trashy. I have as much to say about this look as there is fabric- not much. Just, no.
Another Alex Vauthier look, another what the heck? from me. It's kind of funny, this Vauthier dress has the exact opposite problem as the one that Erin Wasson showed up in. There's too much going on! The crystal, the plunge, the sash, the train, the fringe, the feathers...Rita Ora is drowning in a sea of dress. 

The 2013 VMAs was definitely the most drama-filled awards show in a long time (And we thought nothing could beat Kanye's infamous Taylor Swift episode). It was so easy to get caught up in the One Direction/Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus drama, I think people may have forgotten about the  fashion aspect of the awards show; if not for a brief moment. The pre-show is always my favorite part of any awards show, be it the Grammy's, Oscars, or VMAs, because I love to see what celebrities have shown up wearing. Here are my top 5 best and worst looks of the VMAs--what were your favorites and flops?
Images taken from eonline, Huffington Post, & Popsugar.

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