Thursday, September 26, 2013

Style Inspiration: Black & White

When it comes to fashion, I feel like I'm usually drawn to simplicity: an all-black or all-white outfit can hardly ever go wrong in my eyes. Once you combine the two, the result is a fresh and cool. I found these black and white outfit inspiration pictures scrolling through Tumblr, and I absolutely love them. For those of you who are thinking, "black and white? Yawn...", in sharp graphics, edgy cutouts and fresh silhouettes, black and white is the perfect combination! For a more edgy and modern look, the next time you pick out your go-to head-to-toe black outfit, try injecting a some white and I'm confident you'll love the results.

1.Black and white checkered print + long sleeves and a short & floaty skirt
 2. Black and white laser-cut dress
3. Basic white tee with cool cutouts + black blazer, sunnies, & pants. Add white shoes with a hint of color.
4. Two-tone B&W Pants + black pumps, envelope clutch, leather baseball cap and long sleeves.
5. Sheer white tee + black bralette + black leather jacket, shorts and bag with gold hardware.
6. White ankle-length jacket + black cropped pants, black cross-body and black pumps.
7. Bohemian white dress + black booties and a black cross-body.

When putting and outfit together, throwing on a black and white outfit can seem like a pretty "safe" choice. Updated, however, a black and white outfit can be extremely chic. Plus, what's easier than throwing on black and white--it's a sure-fire way to know your outfit will go! What are you favorite ways to wear the trend?

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