Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who I've Followed On Instagram This Month

In my opinion, you can never follow too many Instagram accounts. Everyone has such a unique style, story, and voice, and I love finding new Instagrammers to follow! This month, I've found myself following quite a few people who have all made my Instagram feed significantly prettier. These lovely ladies are:

While I've been an avid reader of her blog, viviannadoesmakeup, for a while now, for some reason it never occurred to me to follow her instagram. And let me just say, her instagram posts are just as pretty as the photos on her blog. Expect photos like:

After taking a trip to Paris about a year and a half ago, this city has stolen my heart. I'm convinced there isn't one part of Paris that isn't beautiful, and Carin, writer of parisinfourmonths, is surely supporting my case. Expect photos like:

A Swedish fashion blogger & stylist living in New York, Carolina writes fashionsquad-a classic and chic fashion, design and lifestyle blog. Expect photos like:

Another blog I have followed for a long time, cupcakesandcashmere, is written by Emily, and again for some reason, I never thought to follow her on instagram! Her posts are down-to-earth & full of fashion, food and life. Expect photos like:

To finish up the theme of "blog I've followed forever but never thought to follow on instagram," intothegloss's posts are full of beauty shots, model shots & some random bits in between. Expect photos like:

Jourdan's instagram radiates "cool." Ever wonder what it's like to be one of the most popular young models in the industry? Besides her posts giving insight into her not-so-typical fashionista lifestyle, there are also BFF shots of her and Cara, and who doesn't love Cara?! Expect photos like:

Margaret's photos are a happy dose of color on my instagram. Her posts range between fashion, travel, food, etc...but one thing remains consistant: all her photos are pretty! Writer of shinebythree. Expect photos like:

I found Rebecca through a tagged picture of her from another blogger I follow, and thought hmm..this girl looks like she has style. Sure enough, she did not disappoint. Amsterdam based, she writes raspberry-rouge, blogging about her travels and fashion and her photos are always gorgeous. Expect photos like:

Zanita is an Australian photographer and fashion blogger who writes zanita. While her style is a little more "vintage" than mine, her posts are always refreshing to scroll through on my news feed. The photos she takes of her travels are always beautiful, and expect front row coverage from fashion shows. Fun fact: her and Rebecca (of @raspberrynrouge) are very good friends. Expect photos like:
I know, I followed lots of new instagrammers this month, but each and every one of these girls has made my instagram experience even more enjoyable. 

I hope I helped you find some new instagrams or even new blogs to follow! 

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