Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Simply Stylist New York

Me with Catt Sadler
Me with Corri McFadden

Me with Jacey Duprie

Me with Jay Manuel

Shirt: TJ Maxx, Leather Pants: H&M, Wedges: Steve Madden, Crossbody: Banana Republic

This weekend, I attended the "Simply Stylist" event at the Park Central Hotel in New York. I had heard about it after one of my biggest role models, Catt Sadler, tweeted a link and said that she was going to be there. I had heard of the event before, but this really made me want to go. On top of that, I saw that two of my favorite fashion bloggers (Damsel in Dior and WeWoreWhat) were going to be there. The event is all about learning tips and networking etc. for bloggers, so I also figured it would be a good learning experience!

I went with my sister, Olivia. At first, when we walked up the stairs in the hotel, the "shopping & pampering" aspect of the event was going on. We walked around and browsed through the clothing--everything that I did like was over my budget, so I was a good girl and just looked. After meandering around for a little, a crowd of people came up the stairs, and leading the pack was Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model! So Olivia and I walked over to where he was standing and got on the line to take a picture with him. Why not?! Luckily for us, although we were towards the front of the massive line, we were one of the last people that got to take pictures with him...he's a busy man! 

Afterwards, we went on a mission to find Catt Sadler. I asked one of the girls who was working at the event if she happened to know if Catt was there, and she told us she had just taken a picture with her, so she lead us around to try and find Catt. (Side note: All the girls working at the event were super nice!!) We ended up bumping right into her, where we then chatted for a little (my heart was racing a little bit, not gonna lie) and then we took some pictures. For all of you who don't know, Catt is one of the hosts of E! News, an amazing interviewer and fashionista and she was seriously super genuine and sweet.

Next, while Olivia and I were mid-conversation, she turned to me and went, "Is that Damsel In Dior?" (Jacey Duprie). Olivia's comment was then followed by me pulling up Instagram to compare the Jacey in pictures to the woman standing next to us. For some reason, we could not figure out if it was her or not! And if any of you follow Jacey on Instagram, you will know that The Damsel is oftentimes sporting sunglasses so our task was made even more difficult. Finally, we decided (although not 100% sure) that it was her so we awkwardly asked if she was Jacey, and sure enough it was! Jacey was one of the nicest people I met. Everyone there was just so friendly! My sister and I talked to her for about 20 mins. about blogging, school, running...and she seemed like she was in no rush and was really invested in the conversation. Her story also really inspired me.  

Shortly later, my sister & I attended some of the "breakout" sessions which included tips on social networking, blogging, etc. One of the women, Corri McFadden, was my favorite speaker. Besides giving essential tips, she was hysterical!!! 

Overall, I'm so happy I attended the Simply Stylist event; I definitely had an amazing time. If any of you fellow bloggers have the opportunity to attend any beauty/fashion events-- go! I promise getting away from your computer for the day will truly be worth it. I learned so much and spoke to people that I've always dreamed of meeting. 

PS: I didn't bring a camera so these are all iPhone pictures. I'm due for a new iPhone very soon as this one is about two years old so the camera quality is pretty much crap. Sorry about that :)


  1. very cool ,great pics :)


  2. Looks amazing! So jealous, I've been to New York once before and I LOVED it!! Sadly I live in the no where near as fabulous UK :(



    1. Thanks! I guess you always want what you can't have...don't get me wrong I LOVE New York--it's one of my favorite cities-- but recently I've been dying to do to the UK!!

  3. ahhh you met catt sadler - and you dressed perfectly for the event!



  4. Looks like a fun event!!!



  5. Great post, sounds like an amazing event!



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