Monday, October 7, 2013

DigiTour 2013 - NYC

When you hear that all of your favorite YouTubers (with the exception of a few, ie. Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter and Jack & Finn Harries of jacksgap) are going to be coming all the way from England to NYC, you don't just sit on your butt on and think, "oh, that's cool." No. Here's how the scenario went in my house.

Caroline (myself) is sitting on twitter, scrolling scrolling scrolling until she sees a tweet from Alfie (@pointlessblog) which says that VIP tickets are available to meet him & his YouTube friends who will be coming to New York as part of Digitour in October. Caroline then hyperventilates a little, texts her friend in all caps indecipherable text messages, and races down the stairs to ask her mom if she could pretty pretty pretty please meet these people who are on YouTube (something I'm sure she still does not really get).

After I had my tickets in hand, I was super excited because I watch these people almost every day on my computer and now I was going to see them in the flesh.

I have to admit, things were EXTREMELY rushed, and we were told we were "not allowed to hug, touch, or talk to the 'British artists'" as the security guard called them. This was kind of disappointing--I mean, I knew I wasn't going to be able to sit and chat to them but I at least wanted to hug them!

When it was my turn to meet them, my twin sister and I went together to take the picture because we thought that it might help us get noticed a little more--which it did! When I said that we were twins Alfie was like, "no way!" because we look nothing alike and then took a good look at our faces. (And I almost fell on the floor).

I was so happy my sister and I wrote them all letters that we got to give them--hopefully they read them because they say so much more than I got to say to them which was basically nothing...haha. After meeting them we met a bunch of other YouTubers like Lohanthony, Sawyer Hartman, the members of O2L and couple of others. For some reason it didn't occur to me to take selfies with any of them except for Sawyer and Luke Conard who were towards the end (and I have to be honest I've never even watched Luke's videos...I only knew of him as Ingrid of missglamorazzi's former bf...sorry Luke).. I do watch and love Sawyer though! (And Luke seemed really nice!)

Anyway, after that was all said and done we made our way to the third row which my friends and I stayed in for about 45 mins but then we just could not bear to stand their any longer. I was really upset because I wanted to be super close to the stage but the crowd was just way too crazy. We were getting smothered and I just could not breathe and everyone was screaming and pushing and being super rough-- and this is before anyone was even on stage! So I wish I could have stayed, but all I was thinking was I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE. I don't really think I've ever had a panic attack and I'm definitely not trying to make it sound like I'm a victim of panic attacks because I'm not--but in that moment I swear I was going to have one. It was seriously INSANE. Why can't everyone just play nice?!

So after this my friends and I made our way to the very back which actually worked out fine... we could even see everyone on stage really well. Once all of the hectic things were all said and done we all ended up having a really great time. The people who sang were really talented (I'm obviously talking about Chip Chocolate), and the British (+ 1 South African) YouTube crew were obviously perfect. At one point we all started singing "New York," giant plastic balls were being passed throughout the audience, beach balls were flying everywhere, and everyone calmed down (well not really "calmed down," just became happy and dance-y rather than shoving and pushing) and it was really fun.

The highlight was definitely taking pictures, having Alfie stare at my sister & I and giving them all my letters.

Thank you all for coming to New York!!!


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  2. Wow, you met my favourite YouTubers! That´s amazing!:)
    You and your sister really don´t look like a twins:)
    You have great blog Caroline, I´m following you!


    1. Haha I don't think we do either! And it was so cool seeing them in person :)
      Also thanks so much, I'll check out your blog too!

  3. That must have been such a great experience even though it got a bit crazy. I love how you said the British (+ 1 South African) YouTube crew haha :)
    lovely greetings ♥

    1. Yes it was definitely worth it :)
      And haha I felt bad because whoever was hosting the show at the moment would always introduce them as "The Brit Crew"...disregarding the fact that Caspar isn't British! Although I guess he is kind of like an "Honorary Brit," lol.
      Hi too you too!
      xx Caroline

  4. Seems like you had a lot of fun! I'm jealous you met the O2L crew :p
    Your blog is nice by the way, I'm following you now :)


    1. Thanks! I just stalked your blog, I love reading about your time in London! Going to follow you too :)


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