Monday, September 2, 2013

The Perfect "Between-Seasons" Nail Color

When September arrives, I'm no longer in the mood for summery pastels on my nails, but I also don't want to dive straight into deep reds, black, and earth tones.

What I do need are nail colors that can serve as transition colors for between the seasons, and "Go Overboard" by Essie does just that! It's a dark greenish/blue color that is just colorful enough for summer and just dark enough for fall.

During transition months such as September, I tend to keep my nails colorful, but on the darker side. What exactly do I mean? Take the color purple, for example. While in the summer I will choose a pretty pastel purple, in September I'll choose a purple that's jewel-toned. Basically, I pick a random color in my head, and crank the brightness down a few notches.

I love finding new nail colors, so let me know some of your favorite September shades!

PS: Did you notice the reflection of trees on my nails?

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