Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It Takes Two

I get asked all the time what it's like being a twin. While I wish I could tell you that my life is like an episode of "Sister Sister," (if you don't remember that show...then I just don't know) it, unfortunately, is not. First of all, my sister and I are fraternal (meaning we don't look alike), so if we attempted to take tests for each other and do all the crazy stuff identical twins can do, we'd just look stupid. Not only are we fraternal, we are complete opposites appearance-wise. My sister has blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and I have green eyes, brunette hair, and olive skin...so we could never fool anyone into believing we were each other, unless my sister got a spray tan, colored contacts, died her hair...you get my point. 
So without further adieu, let tell you bout my best friend: 
  1. Her name is Olivia
  2. She's older than me by 14 minutes 
  3. She runs track (a lot better than me!) She's been to States, Regionals, Nationals..the works
  4. She plays the flute
  5. She has a talent for finding four leaf clovers...I believe she's up to number 14. 
  6. We fight constantly but our fights never last longer than around an hour
  7. We share a room
  8. We have pretty much all the same friends
  9. She likes to cook/bake if you could call it that (?) What I mean by this is she once went through a phase trying to master making, from scratch, the perfect pudding, the perfect sorbet, and now she's moved onto concocting different kinds of iced drinks. I don't know guys, I don't know.
If you guys have any questions about being a twin that you would like answered because I just can't think of what else to say, comment below! 

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